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2008 Silverado rear suspension question

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The rear end sits up high and I read that there are blocks installed on the rear axle, can they be removed or flipped to bring the rear end down? Thank you
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Not sure, but you have two options; lower the back, or raise the front. I recommend you raise the front approx. 2" so you will "level out" the truck. If you don't plan on having large tires, you can lower the back. But I don't exactly know how to do that. Remember, the rear is raised so that when you haul things in the flatbed, the weight will then even out the truck. Lower the rear, and your truck will sag-in-the-back when hauling ATV/Bikes/Ect.
I bought it to use as a car for work, I went into sales and a white truck is what my company uses. I am going to have some signs made for it. I would like to lower it just a couple of inches.
You can lower the rear 2" to "level out" the truck. To lower it, people buy shorter coil springs in the rear, or they compress the rear coil springs. This is about all I know as far as lowering a truck. Your options are to lower the back (leveling out the truck) or lowering front and back. You will need to ask someone else if you need more help, because I am the no0b!

Hope I helped :neutral:
If the 08's have the block just take it out. If not
These should work great for ya and they're cheap.
Also I don't think that new pickups have coils in the back. But I may be wrong.
Thanks for the tips, I only see leaf springs under the back of my Silverado.
I finally ordered the lowering shackles. I wanted to get a lowering kit but wont have the funds for awhile.
yea they are all leafs in the back... let us know how it turns out and take some before and after pics
I received the shackles on tuesday and went to install them this morning but I cant get the spring high enough to take the top bolt out. The spring hits the bed and it cant go any higher. Any thoughts on this?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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