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2009 2500HD vs 2011 2500HD

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I would like to know the major differences between the 2009 2500HD and the 2011 2500HD Silverado trucks. I am especially interested in the towing capabilities. I have also heard that the 2011 trucks handle transmission temperatures better than the 2009 model when towing. Thanks!
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For starters the engine has 100 more ft-lbs. of torque and a redesigned exhaust brake and beefed up Allison transmission. The 2011 was a complete redesign of the engine and transmission. Lots of reviews of the 2011 modifications from various car pubs and GM's own brochures. Excellent testing and review of the 2011 for trailing on

I was looking at used 2008-2009 prices for a 2500HD with the diesel engine and the prices were so high (and on average $5K more than a comparable F-250) that I ended up buying a new 2011 instead. I only spent $9K more for a new 2011 compared to a comparably equipped 2009 with 35-50,000 miles on the odometer.
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