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2010 Rear BowTie emblem on tailgate delaminating

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...had the same problem on our '07 HHR, anyone else w/ this issue?? This is on '10 1500 Silverado WT (in MA).

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Yeah but some of these people that are saying about gauges already breaking and things of that nature. It is pretty ridiculous we are having problems with such new cars compared to older cars from the 50s 60s and 70s. And come on GM has had major recalls to at least Ford didn't take a bailout.
Sorry your having Problems/Concerns with your New Silverado.....All New Trucks and/or Cars have some degree of problems and some have more than others, G.M./Chevy has had their Fair share, but so has Dodge and Ford,

When you have moment, do a Google Search.....on Recall's for both Ford and Dodge Trucks.....I was taken back when viewing some of the items, they have Recalls on for both Trucks!!!

As mentioned above by ajarman......One Recall from Ford is because(the fuel tank might fall off while driving any day!!!) and one of the Recalls on a.....150,000....2010" Dodge Truck's is a Recall For......Faulty Rear Axle's!!!......

Just because G.M. has had Recall's and Received a Bailout and Ford didn't...........has nothing to do with the way G.M and Ford Builds their Vehicles......:neutral: .......As I mentioned above.......All new Vehicles have some Problems.......with that being said, it now comes down to How Each Vehicle Co.....Chevy....Dodge.....Ford....Handles/Deals with the Problems and the Recalls for their Customer's,

The Cars/Trucks back in the 50"s....60's.....70's were very Simple for the Most Part, but they most likely Had Recalls just like we do today.....and they didn't have a lot of the Features and the
New Technological (Computer's) that are now installed on the Vehicles Today........
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