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2010 Rear BowTie emblem on tailgate delaminating

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...had the same problem on our '07 HHR, anyone else w/ this issue?? This is on '10 1500 Silverado WT (in MA).

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I would say in the last 2 Silverados I have owned I have had 5-7 bow ties replaced. I have never had any issues with the dealerships replacing them. Just wish they were made a little is the adversting for the brand to everyone on the road and should look top notch IMO.
I know it seems that gm has really gone down hill in this last model I hope they realize this and pick up quality or I will try out a Ford or Dodge.
I would take a faded bow tie over a ford that the fuel tank might fall off while driving any day....
It is hard to compare cars from the '50s to the cars today. I am not saying GM does not have their falts but a issue with a bow tie is small potatoes. I think you can find issues with any new car, truck and SUV cause you will always hear from the ones complaing and not so much from the ones with trouble free trucks. Just my $0.02
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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