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2010 Suburban - Engine & Transmission Leaks

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Ok, got 19K on the clock of our 2010 Suburban. I was crawling around underneath changing the oil and I notice that the bottom of the oil pan was wet (oil) hummm, Leaking rear main oil seal??? Then I looked back and the transmission tail piece and transfer case and it was coated with transmission fluid. This is a little frustrating on a fairly new $50K vehicle...Back to the dealership to have these issues resolved and for them to fix a really anoying rattle from the rear door lock...:grrrrrr:
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While I can understand your frustration, I am glad to see that you are working with your local dealership to have this issue resolved. Please feel free to keep me updated regarding the fix. Thank you in advance.

Tricia, GM Customer Service.
Yeah, that is frustrating/annoying.
On the bright side once these initial problems are solved- maybe a bad gasket-improper torquing-you'll have very versatile vehicle that can get surprisingly good mpg considering the versatility and cargo volume.

Checked up on the Burban yesterday, the dealer stated that they were able to fix the door rattle that resulted from the door pannel not being installed properly but said they could not find the transmission leak or the oil leak after they pressure washed the under carrage. Pressure washed the under carrage???? Really, why would one do this while looking for a leak? The was obvious oil accumulation and red fluid dripping from the transmission, wouldn't one just wipe the area with a rag to see where the leak is. They wanted for me to come pick up the truck... I told them to keep it until they find the leak. We are planning a cross country trip in a few months, I can't take the chance of taking this truck cross country with leaks on the tranny and bell housing. I think I am getting beyond frustrated with my dealer... First they could not fix my clunks and vibrations on my Malibu now issues resolving leaks on the burban... :eek:(
They pressure wash all the oil off to get a nice clean base to try & find the leak. Since it took 19,000 miles for it to get to the point where it had accumulated enough for you to notice it, it is probably a very slow leak(s) & if they had just wiped it off with a rag they probably couldn't have found it.
The good news is, you get a nice clean lower half engine & trans.
Ditto on what Stephan said. But, they should be able to drive it around for a while and find a leak. If you're up to it, tell the service manager that he can take it home for a couple of days and drive it to allow the leak to show in a reasonable amount of time. They're not likely to find it just from taking around the block for 5 mins.
I would have to agree with the previous posts that this is likely done so that the dealership has a clean surface to work with in order to find the leak. Please feel free to keep us updated regarding the fix and do not hesitate to contact me if you have trouble finding resolution. Thank you.

Tricia, GM Customer Service.
Thanks Folks,

Got the call today that they replaced a seal and gasket on the transmission. They still did not find a leak between the Bell housing and the engine. I guess time will tell on that one. Next time I won't wipe of the oil... Got my fingers crossed that this is just a fluke.

Thanks again for the responses.
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