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2010 Z71 Fuel Consumption

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I just bought a 2010 Z71 Suburban with 123k miles. 3.08 rear end, six-speed tranny, and AFM.

We drove from Albany to Syracuse (150 miles each way) for my son's college visit.

We started out with a completely full tank from completely empty (it took just about 31 gallons), and I reset the trip odometer and average MPGs (was at 15.7).

There's a good upward elevation change going to Syracuse, we had an oblique headwind, and it was in the lower 20s. According to the computer, we got right around 15 MPGs on the way out.

I did not reset the computer, and when we got home the figure had risen to 16.2 mpg. We did hit about 5 miles of stop and go traffic. Gas gauge read half a tank when we got home.

I was expecting to get better mileage than this. My 01 with 205k, 4 speed, and no AFM gets the same.

The new truck has Firesrone Destination A/Ts; could this account for some of the difference? My old truck has Michelin x-radial LTs.

Anything else I need to look into? Thanks.
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Sorry if I️ caused any confusion. I️ put 31 gallons in it before the trip, so we stared out with a full load of fuel (and its weight).

It read about 1/2 full when we got back.

I️ have the 5.3, same as in my old burb. I️ drive 70-75 mph, with a pretty light foot. No cruise control.

The ‘01 has new plugs and synth motor and diff oils.

The ‘10 just came from the used car lot, so I️ think he plugs are original and the oil, while fresh, is conventional, I’d bet. Guessing factory fill on the diffs and transfer case.
Oh and it was just 5 people, no gear to speak of. I️ got mpgs in the 16.x with 6 people and our luggage for two weeks, some on the roof rack, last summer in the ‘01.
I can live with that, blackburb.

You don't buy a Suburban for the MPGs lol.

It's just the advertised 20ish highway MPGs that has me wondering.
OK--I refilled the truck yesterday. DIC said 15.7 mpg average, 28 gallons used, 441.1 miles traveled.

The pump said I put 29 gallons in (at the first click; i always stop there), which gives me an average of 15.2 mpg.

Driving to Rochester and back on Wednesday. I'll see what my mpgs are then.
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I made the trip to Rochester and back today to fix my daughter's brakes.

I reset the average MPGs when I left, and when I got home it read 18.2 mpg. That was seven-plus hours of driving, a few miles in town, and two traffic jams on the Thruway. I forget what it was at when I pulled into Rochester, but I think it was around 16.3.

I started the trip with around 1/2 a tank. I filled up on my way back. Using the trip odo and fuel filled measured at the pump, I got 16 mpg on that tank. The first half or so was used commuting and driving around town.

It's handy how you can reset the mpg calculator.
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