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2010 Z71 Fuel Consumption

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I just bought a 2010 Z71 Suburban with 123k miles. 3.08 rear end, six-speed tranny, and AFM.

We drove from Albany to Syracuse (150 miles each way) for my son's college visit.

We started out with a completely full tank from completely empty (it took just about 31 gallons), and I reset the trip odometer and average MPGs (was at 15.7).

There's a good upward elevation change going to Syracuse, we had an oblique headwind, and it was in the lower 20s. According to the computer, we got right around 15 MPGs on the way out.

I did not reset the computer, and when we got home the figure had risen to 16.2 mpg. We did hit about 5 miles of stop and go traffic. Gas gauge read half a tank when we got home.

I was expecting to get better mileage than this. My 01 with 205k, 4 speed, and no AFM gets the same.

The new truck has Firesrone Destination A/Ts; could this account for some of the difference? My old truck has Michelin x-radial LTs.

Anything else I need to look into? Thanks.
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My results were similar to yours, Ray. I live in a hilly rural area. When I bought the truck in 2010 I quickly realized that the cruise control wasn't going to win any mileage rewards. I can get 2 - 4 mpg above the CC driving the 2 lane country roads without much effort. I can get a couple of miles above that when I work at it. And when driving aggressively in a hurry I drop to 16 - 18. I think the window sticker mileage figures are very achievable if you keep your foot out of it.

And if I drove like a cop it would probably drop to around 10 - 12 mpg.

I did prove a point to my wife....we made two full trips around the lake (one way then back with essentially no traffic on road) I let cruise handle the first trip, at the speed limit and I handled the second... A bit more aggressively... (Not like a pissed off teenager, just an average relaxed drive for me) what do you know...I got the prize :D. Of course sometimes its better to be happy than right lol
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