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2011 2500HD vs 2011 3500HD

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I have heard that the 2011 Silverado trucks have changed their suspension to provide a smoother ride. Is there a big difference between the ride in a 2500HD and the 3500HD? I am specifically interested in the single rear wheel models. Thanks!
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Smooth Ride

I don't know why I didn't see this thread sooner, but here goes.

The 2011 3500HD SRW 4X4 has a pretty good ride. I signed on the line for this truck last march and have driven it about 5K miles. As you can see from that figure, this truck isn't a everyday driver. It's primary function is to tow my trailer while hauling my ATV's.

It indeed has a fairly smooth ride for a 1 ton suspension. It is susceptible to "washboard" roads as is any leaf spring suspension. Outside of that road surface, it does well and is comfortable. The 18" tires help out.
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