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2015 Suburban high pitch noise in cabin

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We just bought a 2015 suburban ltz 3 weeks ago. We have noticed a high pitch noise on the driver side that is like a ringing in the ear type of noise. It is occurring when you accelerate. Not sure what the problem is?! The vehicle has less than 1000 miles on it and the noise is so distracting its a pain to drive. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Id bring it right back to the dealer, it should be covered still. If I had to take a guess it could be something to do with a speaker ground. Ive seen that happen and it picks up in noise when the engine speeds up cause of a bad ground. You end up hearing the alternator frequency. Put it in park and rev the engine up and see if you hear it. That will tell you if its something thats driveline or engine dependent. If you only hear it when its moving then maybe driveline.
If its using a driveby wire, meaning theres technicaly no mechancal connection between the pedal and the throttle you might be hearing the stepper motor moving the throttle and it may have an issue there. Im not to familar with that setup but it sounds like a problem the dealer has to fix since its so new.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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