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2015 Suburban leaky sunroof seal. How to remove sunroof

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Does anyone have any steps on how to remove the sunroof on a 2015 suburban? I have searched online and can't seem to find any. I need to take mine out to replace the seal around the glass.
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The seal leaks.

There should be drains at each corner, these drains have plastic tubes that remove the water.

But the drains will plug, when they do, the seal leaks

You need a very flexible, very small snake to clear the drains
Years ago, living room windows were covered with a very thin material call shear drapes.
They were installed using a very thin coiled wire, just looks like a small white snake.
That's what I use to keep the tubes clear.
Be careful not to knock/push the tubing off the drain
No, too big, too stiff.
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