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2017 Chevy Express discontinued parts

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I need help finding the following 2 parts for my 2017 Chevy Express 2500 van. GM has discontinued the ebcm (electronic brake control module) & wiring harness and my vehicle is inoperable & unrepairable at this time. It has only 63k miles, mint condition. GM will not do anything to help rectify this situation. I have checked EVERY online parts place that I could find and thought was reputable & nothing no parts. I have started checking junkyars so far nothing. I have asked mechanics if this can be by passed and have been told no. I am NOT a mechanic and do not know what else to do. I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and so far have not heard back.
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Debbie, what makes the van irreparable?
What is wrong with the EBCM?
There are online outfits that can check and repair EBCMs.

Get the DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes) read and post it here
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The brake line rusting out and leaking fluid on the harness is not very common and very unfortunate to happen on a low mileage van.
Where are you located?
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