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A year ago the truck started skipping, engine light, and when braking the traction control light would come on and there would be a lurch/clunk when stopping. This would happen intermittently then go away for awhile. Dealership said they couldn't do anything because the engine light wasn't on at the time, but that the past code read Cylinder 2 misfire.

Fast forward to recently where it started doing this again. Code reader indicated an O2 sensor. Dealership replaced one upstream sensor. No problems for a couple of weeks, then it started again. Now getting code P0203 misfiring on cylinder 3. Also of note now started getting a trailer brake warning light, not sure if that's related.

I read through most of this thread about Throttle Position Sensor:

Really don't want to take it to a dealer again if it is just the TPS, we can replace the Throttle Body ourself. Although it could be something else. But not getting any TPS error codes. Is there a way to test this to narrow down the problem before replacing it?

It seems like perhaps it isn't the injector itself because it used to be Cylinder 2 and now it's Cylinder 3. Is that a logical assumption? Any advice is appreciated.
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