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Hey fellas,

I know this has been asked somehwere on here before but I can’t seem to find it and I would like to know ya’lls thoughts. Since 2014 and beyond gm changed the rear stake pocket from a normal rectangle to a sloped handhold area. Well when mounting a sliding bedrail for a Trac Rac the typical rubber expansion blocks with the square washer won’t work in the rear stake pocket. They will in the front but not in the rear. I spoke with Trac Rac today and out of all the dang extra parts they sell, the one part they won’t sell is the altered anchor block for that odd shaped stake pocket on the 14+ Silverado. It has me pretty frustrated considering my rack with accessories is over $1350.00 and is basically unsafe and useless without the correct stake pocket mounts. Their answer was buy new rails. Umm for 2 anchors spend $400.00 haha yeah right. So the question is who out there has come up with a safe fix for this issue? I want it mounted securely and don’t want to go and drill holes into my bed rails. I was thinking about running a 3/8”x7” bolt, stabilized with the rubber gromet down through the bed since there is a pre drilled hole at the bottom of the pocket and that is accessible from under the truck. It would be a round socket bolt just like the manufacturers but 6-7” long and not 3” long and under the truck would have a fender washer with nylon lock nut. Any other ideas would be awesome. Thanks
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