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2017 Silverado Trailer Brakes

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I'm planning on towing with my new truck, and it has a 7pin/4pin in the bumper. I was informed when buying the truck, that it was already wired to the dash for a trailer brake controller. So I went out and I bought the OEM AC Delco switch and plate and installed it myself. Here's my problem- The Trailer Gain page isn't in my display. I've been looking left and right trying to figure out anything on my own.

Is this missing software that I need real help on, or does it not show up until a trailer is plugged in? Also, does a 7 pin test plug work on tricking it into thinking trailer brakes are attached?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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"So for now I'm grabbing an old voyager and hooking it up for this trip. When I get the time to leave my truck at the dealer, I'll have them reflash it and let you know how it works :)"

Ok, I'm old and confuse easily, so let me get this straight. Not sure what kind of load you will be pulling, but you seem hesitant to pull it with a brand new Silverado without a TBC, so you're going to pull it with a Voyager. Are we on the same page here? A Chrysler Voyager, a uni-body, fwd, V-6 at the most pos mommy soccer van? Like I said I confuse easily.
Whew, now that makes sense, Tahoe a good choice, I was worried for a minute, lol.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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