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2017 Silverado Trailer Brakes

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I'm planning on towing with my new truck, and it has a 7pin/4pin in the bumper. I was informed when buying the truck, that it was already wired to the dash for a trailer brake controller. So I went out and I bought the OEM AC Delco switch and plate and installed it myself. Here's my problem- The Trailer Gain page isn't in my display. I've been looking left and right trying to figure out anything on my own.

Is this missing software that I need real help on, or does it not show up until a trailer is plugged in? Also, does a 7 pin test plug work on tricking it into thinking trailer brakes are attached?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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xPosTech- The new ITBC is installed using the factory harness that is located behind the panel to the left of the steering wheel.

csoldfield- No, and when I go to my info pages the trailer brake page doesn't exist. I'm fearing that I'll need to get this thing hooked up to a computer and get the proper software.
Thanks for the info guys. Finally got to the right person at a dealership. He let me know that even though the wiring is all correct and all the hardware is installed in the factory, they leave the controller out of the dash and the programming out of the computer. He let me know that I'll have to bring it in for a reflash and that it'd be $110 to hook it up and connect to whatever server it needs to get the new programming from- he said who, I can't remember- I guess GM's programming is open source and people buy licenses, blah blah blah.

So for now I'm grabbing an old voyager and hooking it up for this trip. When I get the time to leave my truck at the dealer, I'll have them reflash it and let you know how it works :)

What confused the snot out of me on the entire thing, is that the wiring harness is already clipped to the back of the panel that you remove... it looks plug and play. I'm a newbie at all of this, but hopefully this is the last time I make this mistake haha.
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Tekonsha Voyager Proportional TBC- it's a 2004 model, but it still works in my Tahoe and I'll splice it into the new harness.
@RayVoy almost every piece of hardware is already factory installed, it just lacks the dash mounted controller - see photo of what I installed - They need to reflash my computer for the trailer braking programming so I can adjust the gain.


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