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2017 Silverado Trailer Brakes

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I'm planning on towing with my new truck, and it has a 7pin/4pin in the bumper. I was informed when buying the truck, that it was already wired to the dash for a trailer brake controller. So I went out and I bought the OEM AC Delco switch and plate and installed it myself. Here's my problem- The Trailer Gain page isn't in my display. I've been looking left and right trying to figure out anything on my own.

Is this missing software that I need real help on, or does it not show up until a trailer is plugged in? Also, does a 7 pin test plug work on tricking it into thinking trailer brakes are attached?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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To the best of my knowledge, if the truck is factory equipped with the brake control the DIC can communicate with it and display gain info.

If you add a 3rd party aftermarket controller the DíC can not communicate. The only gain info will be whatever is available on the aftermarket unit's display.

And no, the factory unit can not be retro-fitted.
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Maybe GM changed some things on the new trucks.

They probably have Ted, but not for the better, haha.

I'm sure someone with all of the wiring diagrams and the source code for the trucks many processing units could make it work; but would be a complex job.
@garagerog your not the only one confused.

@dalypual85 are you saying the dealer is going to retro-fit the factory brake controller into your truck?

Please keep us updated
@dalypual85 the same pieces are available for my dash and for Ted's. When I got my truck in '10 the 1st thing I looked at was adding the factory brake controller.

At the time, I downloaded the wiring diagrams and convinced myself that it wasn't going to be an easy job to retro+fit the parts.

Just for starters, I needed the dash mounted unit and, if I remember correctly, the behind the dash control unit.

So, a lot of us are interested, let us know how you make out.
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