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he other day after parking the truck on a cold day - I left it in Auto 4WD - when I started it the next morning a few things came on the display, Service 4WD / Service ESC / Traction Control Disabled. I noticed the truck is still in 4HI and if I push any of the buttons the truck will not shift out of 4HI

Also of note the icon showing if it is in 2WD 4HI 4LO is missing, just blank where it normally is.

I ran for codes twice and got a few different ones, the first run showed B3883 / U0102 / U0403

I cleared those codes, went for a drive and re ran it got the following, C11B3 / U0102 / U0403

I removed fuse "51" under the hood - labeled as Transfer Cases Control Module, and the truck has gone back into 2HI

Thank you for any advice!

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