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IN approximately 2 days, I will be the owner of a new Silverado Custom - Rally Edition w/ 2.7T motor. While I have some reservations about the engine, I have to say I was pretty surprised with the performance when I test drove a couple.
My question is about the oil drain plug. I currently have a 2017 Colorado and I installed a Fumoto drain plug in it which makes oil changes super easy. I've found exactly 1 video on changing the oil in the 2.7 engine and it showed a plastic (Ford like) twist off drain plug. When I go to Fumoto's site, it says the 2.7T (for the Silverado) uses the same drain valve as the Colorado. Can someone please tell me if it's steel or the plastic drain plug?
If it's steel, I will drain the oil in the Colorado and put the factory plug back in, it's due anyway and I have a filter. If it's the plastic, I'm not going to waste my time changing the oil.

Thanks for any insight you all might be able to provide!
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