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2023 Silverado 2500 - Blinking/Flashing Screen

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Hi all,

Just bought a 2023 Silverado 2500 WT 4x4. It now has 225 miles on it.

Since I’ve had it (5 miles) the screen has been acting strange. It will blink and flash and sometimes just shut off all together.

Generally the radio still works and the controls do too. Screen is just black. Sometimes the screen will work but will end up flashing

Have an appointment next week to have the dealer look at it.
Anyone have issues on the 2023 or even 202x?
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Replying back to this thread for those who may read it in the future. Took my truck in today for them to look at the screen, few hours later got a call saying they ordered a new touch screen and will be installing tomorrow. Didn’t give me much more detail than that yet.

Hopefully pickup tomorrow. If I still have issues I’ll post an update. If no update posted means it was the correct fix.
There is a thread on here about the 2019s and up having significant radio and touch screen failures that are unrepairable. Good luck. :(
Thanks, do you have a link? I couldn’t find the thread.

Found it.
Thanks! Seems like the same issue I had. It’s only been a day and I’ve only driven it like 10 miles since they “fixed” it. I’m hoping they fixed it for good. Will keep this thread updated if it comes back.
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Issue is back yet again…… calling the dealership tomorrow to setup another appointment….. 750 miles on the brand new truck…… will be in for service twice already…..
Got it back from the dealer…… they said it was the on star module causing the issue. Module is on back order of course…
Also brought it in for a weird plastic sound coming from passenger area.. they couldnt replicate the noise. 10 mins driving home could hear the noise 8-10 times…

will not ever buy a GM again
They replaced the onstar module, issue came back within 24 hours. Yet another appointment this coming Monday (4th visit to the dealer).
So after two months the part that was on back order came in. It was the wire that connects the screen to the module. I went in and they replaced. Only driven the truck about 20 miles since then. No issue yet but too early to tell. If the issue comes back I will update the thread.

Ps: I also contacted a lemon lawyer prior and got a settlement from GM (awaiting check).
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