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2wd sub lift

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Ok, I asked this in Gary's skyjacker thread, but I thought I'd make it its own thread...
I have my 91 burb, and I want to lift it about 4 inches. However it's a 2WD truck, and I can't seem to find ANY lift kits for 2WD subs. Am I blind, or do they not expect people with 2wd suburbans to want to lift their trucks. Anyone got links to lift kits that would work for my suburban? thanks
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depending on the reason for the lift ---have you thought about a body lift? they would be the same for 2 or 4 wheel drive. the 2 wheel drive front end is a differet beast and if you look close at it you might find a small lift might be had just by swapping in taller spriings or coil overs or you will have to custom something. i can not recall a 2X4 suspension lift kit, sorry....mike
I've heard that body lifts, especially big body lifts, don't look that great because you have all this empty space between the frame and the body. Am I right or wrong about that? I will probably be custom fabbing some diamondplate running boards/recovery toolboxes for the sides, but I still want everything looking real nice.
a body lift will increase the body to frame gap but there are easy fixes- you can readjust the bumpers and add "Lift Lips" they are rubber guards that cover the gap. i got a 3" body lift on top of the the 9" suspension lift on the bronco and it is getting the gaps coverd with rubber truck mud flaps.....mike
most state laws will not allow taller than a 3" body lift. i seen more and i seen stacked frames and stacked frames and spacer lifts. 3" is the most i go on a body lift and i toss the grade 5 bolts and use grade 8 and nylock nuts to make sure it stays tight- i heard bad things but i never had any issues...mike
I don't think I like the gap that would be left when I lift it, not to mention it wouldn't solve my main concern for lifting, additional clearance for the trailer hitch.
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