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4.8L NBS exhaust ???

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New Here but had a question to ask, I am getting a Flowmaster set-up put on this Friday and am thinking about 3 different set-ups,
40 series
50 series
70 series
If anyone has any of these set-ups and can lend a little advice on sound quality I would really appreciate it!

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There has been a few threads lately on muffler discussion if you look in the performane catagory. You can visit the Flowmaster website and hear a soundbyte clip of each of the mufflers to maybe help you decide.
As far as I know 40 will be the loudest. 50 and 70 are a little quieter respectively. You might notice a small drop in low end power when you get it installed. 40 will also have more drone while driving down the highway. I had a 40 on my old truck and loved it, even with the little loss on low end. Sierraman has a 40 seires on his 06 4.8 and it sounds really good in my opionion. What size pipes are you going with, 2.5 or 3"?
Hey Jbrown. I had a 05 Silverado before I bought my 08. They both have had the 5.3. I had the 40 Series Delta Flow flowmaster on my old truck and I loved the sound. I put the super 44 flowmaster on my new truck and it actually sounds a little better. I would definetly stick with the 40 series flowmater. U cant go wrong!!
Finalday, I am going with 3" stainless rolled tips, as I like the appearance of them. Not really sure if that makes much of a difference. I think I am going to go 40 I don't want to go through the trouble of buying 2 or even worse 3 mufflers in 1 day because I am unsatisfied.

Flydm, I think I have to agree, I heard a super 44 this morning on an 07 NBS and it is a bit louder and maybe a little deeper. On another note I see that you are in San Angelo, TX... I lived there from 92-96. Have you lived there long or are you stationed there in the AF?

Thanks to all that have given their .02 I think that I am going to really be happy with the choice. Anyone elses input will be appreciated.
Hey JBrown im glad u found what u are looking for. I like the hell out of mine and think it sounds great. I have 3" pipe from the collector to the tip. I have lived in San Angelo, Tx. all my 28 years. Just a good old country boy!!
SO I just got done getting the 40 series set up installed on my truck and I am so happy that I went that way. The sound is perfect! My friends don't believe that I got a 40 series. They like the sound better than that of the 70. Thanks for all the help.

Flydm Where did you go to school?
JBrown, I went to Lake View High School from 1994- 1998. Then I went to Angelo State University after that!!!!
I went to Lincoln and then to LV in 96 but then moved to GA. Remember West TX football the best from my time there.
Yeah high school football is a huge thing in Texas. I had a oldersister that graduated in 96.
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