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4 to 8 cylinder switch

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Anyone know of a way to install a switch to control the 4 to 8 cylinders on the GM fuel management engines? Since just the A/C cycling will create enough of a load to demand the 8 cylinders turn back on I want to control it and keep it in 4 cylinders at those times.

Next question or statement, my 03 burb got better mileage then the 07, anyone have any mods available to increase the gas mileage?

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The best mod for gas mileage increse is ease up on that right foot. :great:
But since that's now fun, Programmers,(Hypertech, Edge, Superchips and so on) Intakes, (K&N, S&B, Airaid) Free flowing exhuast and other simple bolt ons will net you a little increase and a little HP while your at it
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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