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4l60e ouch

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Yeah... I consiter this my first truck. I had a 86 silverado but it was a carter 4bbl 305 and didnt run right...i rebuilt it into a 383 all fixed up but then it was a hotrod.

my 93 suburban... the Panzer I refer to it as. So far its had so many problems due to a lack of care from previous owners. I finally got the last thing to make it run perfect...the 350 tbi has so much torque, very happy with this engine.

transmission.....this is my next problem and worry.

4L60E ? From what I have gathered its an electricly controlled 700R4, which evolved from the TH350 to give OD.

My 4L60E is ready to die any day now... its starting to slip in 1st. Do I stay 4L60E? Should I upgrade it during rebuild?
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That's going to come down to preference. The 4L60E is a good trans. If you did upgrade, what did you have in mind for options?
To keep it in stock condition, you would want to go with the 4L80, which is the 3/4 ton tranny. I do know there's a great handful of trannies you can put in this badboy, I just dont have the list hanging around....Find a 2 speed powerglide to put in there for no reason :rofl: Sure, you'll burn through tires like there's no tommorow but who casres :)
What will this Suburban be used for primarily?
ie, pleasure, commuting?
What will this Suburban be used for primarily?
ie, pleasure, commuting?
Maybe "pleasure commuting"...wait those don't go together do they...ever
Going to be used for commuting for now until my high mpg car is fixed, then it will be my trailer puller, boat, cartrailer, camper. Will the 4L80E bolt right up to my stock driveshaft and cross member?
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