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Hello, Jan 2007 I purchased a 2003 chevy suburban with 48K miles. within two months the 4wd controller went on permanent vacation GRRRRR!
The service 4wd message appeared in my driver info display.
After getting tired of being stuck in 1/2inch slush, I forked the $600 over to the local chevy dealer for replacing the 4wd controller.
Well fast forward to today (after replacing motor, tranny, front and rear ends since jan 2003), i am getting the following behavior with the 4wd controller.

After the burb is parked for an hour or more, upon starting the engine, the 4wd controller appears to do a random decision on what driving mode to be in.
Lately, I noticed, the system is in 4 wheel drive low most of the time.
I usually have the system in 2 wd to spare wear and tear on the front end when turning off engine.

Getting frustrated on this behavior.

Any ideas?

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