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The jerking is totally normal if driving on 4hi/low on dry pavement. 4x4 is not supposed to be used on dry pavement and you are running a risk of toasting you transfer case.

The reason that this happens is that with your front axle locked in 4x4 (not with a locker) when you give it gas, the front tires will also want to spin, and therefore you get that jerking feeling.

ONCE AGAIN, DO NOT DO THIS ON DRY PAVEMENT -- Unless you got $3k sitting around for a new transfer case.

4X4 is only meant to be used in situations where the tire will slip (mud, snow, ice, rocks, etc..) In those situations, it won't feel like its jerking.

For your second question, it depends on the gearing of your transfer case. In 4 low, you are not going to go fast. "Crawling" -- the term you used, sounds about right. I believe that a stock chevy t-case is at or around 2.4:1 low ratio, therefore, its pretty slow.

In summary, there is nothing that you should be worried about, everything you describe is normal.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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