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5.3 intake manifold?

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i have an 02 chevy with a 5.3 vortec in it and i wanna know if the LSXr intake manifold from FAST can be used on the 5.3. i read somewhere that it could if you replaced fuel rails, injectors, and some other stuff. so i would like to know if you can, what needs to be changed when you do it, and how hard it would be. thanks guys.


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this is the link to the companies website, and the intake manifold im referring to.
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First you would really want to use the LSXrt, the "t" is for truck. But its really made the the 6.0. It will take away from your bottom end power. The other LSXr manifold also makes power in the upper rpm range, plus you would have to make mods to your a/c bracket. Keep in mind that the truck manifold is made for bottom end torque which is what you want in a daily street driver. The 4.8, 5.3 and 6.0 all use the SAME intake and exhaust manifolds so if they flow enough air for the 6.0 it will flow more than enough air for a basiclly stock4.8 and 5.3 motor. Hope this info helps. Unless you building a motor with new heads, cam, bored and stroked, headers etc.. you don't need a new manifold. Those aftermarket maniflods are expension, you can do a cam change for less money and I'm sure you will be happier with the cam results. Just don't over cam the engine.
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