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5.3 rocker arm swap

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I'm new to all this forum stuff, but thought I'd give it a try. Anyway, I own a 99 silverado 1500 4x4 with a 5.3 that I tow an 8000# fifth wheel camper with. I was wondering, has anyone tried a rocker arm swap? I believe factory rockers are 1.7. Would I get any "REAL" power or towing gains from 1.8's? I have yet to touch the drivetrain, except for swapping in some 2500HD springs, simply because I refuse to spend MEGA $$ on parts that don't really make a difference, KNOW WHAT I MEAN?:lol:Any help would be appriciated!

I AM planning on at least an Airaid JR kit as well. I drive a lot of gravel roads, so didn't want to go with an "open" filter.(FIPK)
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these motors like to warm up with most of the same pars the cars like. i say better flowing mufflers, cats and headers and then a better flowing intake. i not swapped my rockerarms. you might see if that will confuse the computer......mike
Thanks for the quick reply. I have considered the possibility the computer might not be able to compensate, but I really doubt it. I think with the extra lift and not that much at that, it probably could keep up ok. I'm just hoping to run across somebody who has done it before. I've considered all the electronic upgrades, but all I can see is BIG $$$ and all the gains mainly at WOT. I am looking for that 2000-2500RPM GRRRUNT! LOL!
It sounds silly bot my 01 Sub really seemed to pick up some low end help from a K&N airfilter. It also helped when I replaced my heavy/huge muffler with a 3" flowmaster. I had 2 from my GOAT that I didnt use. Also feel NO muffler would help even more. With the dual cats it is still not too loud.
All of these are cheap and easy. Like any airpump if you increase flow and reduce restriction it works more efficently.

Good Luck
I took the factory muffler off some time ago, and did feel like it made it run better. I just replaced it with a chunk of pipe. You're right also, it still isn't that loud even with no muffler at all, BUT..... it does however have a lot more in-cab resonance. I am thinking of putting a V-Force on it(basically a flowmaster) to see if it helps.

You may consider a long chrome tip or turndown rotated rearward before adding muffler. It should move sound rear and outward. The muffler will defininetly help a lot but the GOAT owner in me loves the noise.
Do you really think a turndown would help the noise in the cab at 55mph? Hmm. That might be something I will try but I can't help but think the noise is coming from underneath. I might be wrong though.
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