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5.3l to 6.2l n/a or6.2l lsa

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hey guys iv been thinking of doing a motor up grade on my 5.3l 2012 gmc sierra regular cab z/71 4x4. and i was wondering if any one has put a 6.2l or 6.2 lsa create engine in there regular cab. iv been doing lots of reading on the 2014 and again GM dose not look like its going to offer the 6.2 in the regular cabs. :sign0018: I really miss the GM of years past when u could order any truck with any motor they made. I think they should start listing to there customer more on this account :grrrrrr:, just my opinion and had to get that rant out of my system and if i could i get a 454 in a new 2014 regular cab how sweet would that be.:great:
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