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I did my intake manifold gaskets last fall on my '98 5.7. It wasn't too difficult, but it took some time (spread out over three days for me). I don't remember where, but I know there is at least one good write up on the internet that I found that really helped, in addition to the information I got from the Haynes, Mitchell, and Motor repair manuals.

I would recommend the FelPro gasket set (98000T I think).

I think the hardest part for me was getting the manifold back on. The manifold was heavier than I expected and, with wires and such in the way, I had a hard time setting the manifold straight down so as to properly set on the RTV along the valley ends. Other than that, it was mostly the painstaking process of removing everything.

The only question I still have on the job involves disconnecting the fuel lines. I disconnected them on top of the intake manifold, but the o-rings that came with the gasket kit didn't fit those fittings. I wonder if they intended you to disconnect the fuel lines farther back.

Anyway, as noted, take your time, pay atttention to where things came off, and you should do fine.

Oh, one other thing: The seals in the heater hose quick disconnect fitting broke when I disconnected the fitting, so I had to replace that fitting. A lot of people report breaking this fitting off whenever they take it apart, I guess I got lucky because the fitting didn't break on me. So it was pretty easy for me to replace, but be aware that you may not be so lucky, if you end up needing to replace that fitting.
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