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5.7 Vortec Supercharger

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Looking to hear from anyone who’s put a supercharger on a GMT400 Suburban 2500 with the 5.7 Vortec? I ask bc I’ve always wanted a green over gold GMT400 Suburban 2500 4x4 with the 7.4. I found a beauty but she’s got the 5.7. But I want to stay in the max towing range of 10K as with the 7.4 rather than 7K with the 5.7. So I was wondering if a supercharger would do the trick.
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Adding a supercharge will give you a power boost no doubt, but it will not increase your towing limit. Suspension and gearing will increase that, but keep in mind that there is no way to get your burb certified to up your limit.
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