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502 engine

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If i put a 502 Big Block in my 89 burban can I still use the TBI that is on my 350 or do i have to go back to the old carb set up. I'm not sure what i can do with the 502. Thanks for any info i can get. :glasses:
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you will want to get a TBI and a computer from a 454 motor with and aoto if yours is auto trans. you can use a carb if smog is not an issue. i used a few 502s and they make your vehicle a great tow vehicle....mike
i know for the vortec motors chevy did a deal with edelbrock to directly drop a 502 and it used some ot the 350 components thats if you are getting it from chevy performance parts but i am not sure about non vortec motors.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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