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I just recently bought a 2007 suburban 1500 LT 4x4. It has a 6" Rough Country lift on it. The front suspension is all messed up and I'm about to spend about $3000 to have all that done right. It needs hub assemblies, lower ball joints, complete rack n pinion assembly, forged upper control arms, etc. Its blowing oil pretty bad, I'm thinking a rear main seal or oil pan gasket. Is this a common issue with suburbans with about 195,000 miles? It has 20x12.5 on 35" tires. I think the wheel offset might be a 14, not sure. They stick out past the body about 3 or 4". I'm new to the lifted world so I have a few questions.
1) Will I still be able to pull a travel trailer or will there be alot of sway and rear sag? The rear does sag some now but not much.
2) Are lifted suburbans prone to suspension and mechanical issues more often than if left stock?
3) Is it worth spending all this on the front end work or will it need to be done again in a couple of years?
4)Should I just trade this in for a stock z71 suburban?
5) Are there any other common issues with these?

Thanks for any help and input you have.
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