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700R4, 4X4 Silverado 2500

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Had this tranny rebuilt a while back, maybe 9or 10 months ago. The guy does a 12 month warranty. Got the tranny installed, filled and TV cable adjusted. Took her for a 20-30 minute drive and everything seemed fine. A day or 2 later took her to the dump and lost reverse. Forward gears catch but are noisy after about 5-10 mph. The guy asked about my transfer case, The fluid level and color and asked me to drop the pan and check for debris. Had to get it towed home. It seemed like the transfer was binding a little so i pulled it and ordered a rebuild kit. Checked the tranny fluid and it was pink and at the correct level. I got caught up in some other projects and just now got around to pulling the pan. I found copper or brass washer looking material about 3/4" inside diameter and some steel pieces as well. This tranny has less than a hundred miles on the "rebuild". Any ideas or opinions on my tranny situation would be appreciated. Thanks all.
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OK, but you have any idea about the material in the tranny pan?
Thanks all for the replies. I'll be sure to check the pressures through the ranges when I get her back And I'll still post a pic to this thread maybe this afternoon. @ Stephan, I'm in Oregon too. Small world.
K, not a Ducks fan but I follow civil war games. I'm from Texas so...."Hook em Horns". Anyway, a fellow by the name of Brad in NE Portland did my tranny. He charged me $550 and I got an HD TC out of it too. He emailed me back today and wants to tear it apart and fix it ASAP. He knows it's a hard part too. Of course he had that always ridiculous request for the reciept, LOL. Anyway, I'm gonna make an attempt to insert the images. Wish me luck.
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LOL, always like to see a thread reply that starts with "Holy crap!!'. Ha, yeah that final Texas drive was just enough. I work with a USC guy so he caught a little crap over it. As far as I can tell, he's gonna be up and up with me. I installed the tranny so I hope he can't find a reason to blame it on me. I'm pretty sure I did a fair job of it. I'll let yall know when the full scope of it is known.
So he pulled the tranny apart and the planetary was toast, the shaft on the whatever hub was actually visibly twisted. He blamed my cooler for the damage. He was square about it though. He went through her again and replaced the parts and wasn't planning on charging me. I gave him 50$ and I'm gonna give him a 4L60e core that's just sitting in the yard. When I pulled the lower cooling hose from the radiator there was alot of black debris like rough sand. Blew out the lines and bypassed the radiator all together with an auxilary cooler. Got it all put together and adjusted the TV. Tranny wise I think I'm good but now the brake light on the dash is on and the rear brakes are froze I believe. So, I'm headed to make another thread pertaining to brakes. Thanks all for the replies.
He's like an hour away and I pulled and took the tranny to him. He initialally told me to be sure and clear the cooling lines before installing, and I did. The trouble is that had I let it sit for a while longer I would have found more crap settled in the bottom of the main cooler. That's why I bypassed it al together. Do yall think daisy chaining auxillary coolers is enough, too much?
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