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700R4, 4X4 Silverado 2500

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Had this tranny rebuilt a while back, maybe 9or 10 months ago. The guy does a 12 month warranty. Got the tranny installed, filled and TV cable adjusted. Took her for a 20-30 minute drive and everything seemed fine. A day or 2 later took her to the dump and lost reverse. Forward gears catch but are noisy after about 5-10 mph. The guy asked about my transfer case, The fluid level and color and asked me to drop the pan and check for debris. Had to get it towed home. It seemed like the transfer was binding a little so i pulled it and ordered a rebuild kit. Checked the tranny fluid and it was pink and at the correct level. I got caught up in some other projects and just now got around to pulling the pan. I found copper or brass washer looking material about 3/4" inside diameter and some steel pieces as well. This tranny has less than a hundred miles on the "rebuild". Any ideas or opinions on my tranny situation would be appreciated. Thanks all.
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The gold colored material you found in your pan is brass & is critical. A small amount of gray powdery material would indicate some clutch wear & is acceptable after 10-20 K miles, but brass is hard part failure. I had a 700R4 that made the same noise you described & I traced it to low fluid pressure. The pump was good, but a servo valve seal was dumping the pressure & caused catastrophic failure. It's too late to check pressure on this trans now, but when your mech rebuilds it, get a 0 to 175 psi fluid guage & check the press (the test port is on the left side of the case) before you put too many miles on it. If it's not showing 125 psi + or - 15 psi depending on fluid temp, take it back because it will be prone to failure like this one.
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I'm not sure but those 2 copper halves look like the remains of a thrust washer from one of the clutch hubs. Maybe it was assembled too tight, not enough clearance, & burnt up & broke in half. After it fell out then there was too much clearance & it's all downhill from there. Is he going to warranty it?
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Well a trans install is pretty straight foreward so hopefully he won't try & lay the fault on you. The only 2 things I can think of that he might quiz you on are the TV cable adjustment & your procedure for filling the tc & the initial & secondary fluid fill. If you can quote those to him, there's nothing else he can blame you for.
Dual coolers are fine. I run 2 -12,000 GVW coolers on mine. The cooler you can keep a 700R4 the better, especially if you're going to be doing any towing. The black crap that came out of your cooler was obviously from his rebuild considering the amount of clutch material that was in your pan in the pics & the fact that you flushed it when you installed the trans the first time.

edit** Bypass your in radiator trans cooler if you haven't already.
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