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Is this truck U.S. or Canadian?
After 1977 there were no U.S. street legal vehicles built to run "leaded" fuel. In fact after 1982 leaded fuel was getting hard to find in most areas. Some Industrial and Heavy duty trucks were built without catalytic converters, but the engines were designed to use unleaded fuel.
Removing the air injector pumps for street use is illegal, federal law.
There's very little power to be gained on this engine by removing the system. If your looking for power and economy try smog legal headers, dual 3" pipes, a balance tube, a better air filter and ducting system to draw air from outside the engine compartment, and an MSD distributer. Short of rebuilding the engine this is about all you can do. There were some replacement carbs made for this application but their expensive and usually give good performance but bad mpg.
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