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86 suburban engine in a 95 blazer?

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Hey folks, my Dad has a 94 Blazer with a TBI 350 that needs a to be replaced. I found a good looking complete carbureted 350 out of an 86 Suburban. Is there any reason this engine cant be used in a 94 Blazer i'm not thinking of? I know i'll have to take the mechanical fuel pump off but since we have a running truck now is it not possible to take the accessories off the TBI 350 and install them on the 85 engine?
Thanks for the help
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Anyone have any idea on the differences, if any, between these motors? I'd really appreciate the help!
Check and make sure the 86 heads have the threads in them for the serpentine belt system. If not, your stuck using the v belt unless you have conversion kit. This is the problem I'm running into with the 72 350 that I'm going to run. The double hump heads don't have them. Otherwise it's plug and play
Thank you! That is exactly why I'm asking lol, I did notice the heads were different, so Ill have to look more closely at the 2.

If worse comes to worse could I just swap the heads out?
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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