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Easter week at Moab 2 years ago I saw an 84 K1500 Suburban on coils, one of the Off-road magazines was doing an article about it. I dont remember which magazine (most of them have searcheable websites so that might be a start point).
The owner fabbed a 5 link set-up front and rear. Not sure what coils were used. The coils were assisted with Air Ride Technology valves, Firestone 500C air bags, a VIA air compressor, and a 5 gallon air tank.
The factory axles were replaced, dont remember exactly but I think they used Dana 60's.
The truck towed a 28' camping trailer from somewhere on the east coast to Moab and back, it wasnt only a rock crawler it could function well at other duties.
At this time there arent any manufacturers building coil kits for Suburbans.
Try calling Justin the owner of "Rock Tec" in Grapevine, TX. He owns and built a 454 powered 4x4 VW bug with full coil suspension. He's fabbed more than a few solid axle swaps incorporating coil spring systems.
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