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88 C1500 Engine Swap Question

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I have an 88 C1500 with a 305 and I want to install a remanufactured 350 but I don't kniw what to order. There are so many options such as a two or four bolt main and different lifters and such and I don't want to spend 1500 dollars for the wrong thing. What do I have to look for when ordering an engine so it will bolt right up to my 4l60e? I've done a ton of research to no avail. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Let me try to help. A 305 and a 350 use the same block and head design. Cylinder diameter is the only difference. If you want to put a 350 4 bolt main in your truck it will bolt right in. Try to keep the engine years pretty close together (Let's say '88-'93). As far as lifters and such, that's all internal components that doesn't affect bolt in. One more question? Is the '88 305 carbureted or throttle body?
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