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88 C1500 Engine Swap Question

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I have an 88 C1500 with a 305 and I want to install a remanufactured 350 but I don't kniw what to order. There are so many options such as a two or four bolt main and different lifters and such and I don't want to spend 1500 dollars for the wrong thing. What do I have to look for when ordering an engine so it will bolt right up to my 4l60e? I've done a ton of research to no avail. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Short block is a partially assembled engine it requires alot of parts to run. A long block is a partially assembled engine that requires some parts to run. When i say some i mean it needs a skilled mechanic, cleaning your old parts from an existing motor or buying; valve covers, oil pan, timing cover, intake manifold, water pump, distributor and a bunch more, you gotta set the timing, all that crap. If you can't built a motor don't buy one of those. Buy a turn key motor, it's ready to run outa the box, has been tested and ran, timing is set, has EVERYTHING! Just needs a home.
It's a lot. Keep the 305 (5.0l). If you're looking for power there's plenty of head and cam packages available for 1500-2500 dollars that would put you between 350 and 400 hp and tq. Also depending on the miles you'd prolly wanna rebuild the motor. The 305 kits are cheap, around $300. 2 buddies, a smart phone, Hayes Manuel, torque and tolerances, tools, cherry picker, engine stand, 2 cases of beer and a weekend can have that done.
I like your idea-Forget rebuilding the 305-all that machine work?? all that time-learning curve-
just use that engine from Summit-it seems to be an actual GM engine??
you will easily be able to bolt on your intake manifold tbi dist etc might buy a new water pump-or rebuilt
yeah forget the turn key stuff-too expensive-forget rebuilding-heck it would still be a 305-and all the machining etc more potential for something to get screwed up-or to make a mistake reassembling it-and having to pull the engine-and fix redo something-learning curve-first time i do something complicated-fair chance I will screw it up-spending more time and money re-doing it-learning curve
[MENTION=23183]charlie[/MENTION] I agree with that. Depending on your knowledge, and the possible machine work. But then again a long block is still alot of work.
[MENTION=62021]wolf424242[/MENTION] We all have our opinions.. But Mr. Wolf you're gonna have to do what best fits your ability and budget. Frankly there is no easy way or cheap for that matter.
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