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'89 GMC Odometer not working

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I have seen some other postings about odometers not working on newer trucks and how the instrument cluster is all one unit. I am hoping that with mine being a little older the odometer can be fixed without having to replace the entire cluster. Any suggestions? I am hoping to try to fix it when I dig into the dash to change out a burnt out dash light.

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Once you get the cluster out, you can remove the lens and the rear cover by removing the screws around the perimeter. My old '91 had the same problem and I found some broken plastic in the odometer, which caused it to quit. I was able to re-work it with some metal strapping and a small screw or two. As I recall, it was the retainer for the spring on the reset button and it went together pretty easily. I hope yours is just as easy.
Good Luck and God Bless
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