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90 burban

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Ok. This is definitely going to be a slow project. I picked up this V1500 yesterday with a loose connecting rod in the 350 for $500. 0 rust that I have found. Gonna give it a bath a start yanking the motor for the 72ish corvette engine. Bought it from my bosses son in cortez and drove it to Delores. In that 10minute drive I made it a lot worse lol as I was nearing the driveway, the rod decided it wanted out and put a hole in the oil pan trying to find its way there lol! Sounded like a 14yro kid jerking off against a tin shed!

I'll take more photos after I get it cleaned up!


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I hate to see an 80s bodystyle Suburban be given up on, but if you can't get the title, it's only good as an off-road only truck. The new truck looks nice. What year is it? It looks to be around 90-93.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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