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'90 windows in my '84??

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Hey guys. I'm looking at buying rear windows for my '84. The guy I talked to is parting out a '90. Will these fit? The windows in question are the rear...not the rear passanger door windows, not the barn door windows...the long ones. Thanks for the help.
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Dang I'de settle for "I don't know". Don't be snobs people. I know my old 'burb is a truck while your "SUV" is closer to a car...don't be intimidated I won't judge you...
I'm going to say it should fit since you're staying in the same body style, but it may not. I have a 91 and I know it's the last year of the 80s bodystyle. Hope this helps...
Suburban Windows!!!!!!.

Okay I also have a 1990 Chevrolet Suburban. Very good vehicles by the But I am about 95% sure that the wndows should fit in your 1984 Chevrolet Suburban. They are worht buying and in the end if they dont fit just ebay them or something. But im pretty sure that they soudl fit.
Thanks, A.J. Hall!.
Well the windows are gonna cost me 24 Fosters so yeah I guess I can't go wrong. Mostly I asked so I would'nt waste the 1 1/2 hr. round trip. Thank's for the advice folks.
I have posted this before on other threads.

Bone yards, have substitution books, have never seen any online yet. They will be able to tell you for sure if they work.

A simple phone call to any yard will give you the answer. Just don’t ask right away what years fit, ask if they have a set, then ask what years fit.

They get a little upset sometimes when you just ask for info.

If the body styles are the same I see no reason why they won’t work.
ok 1st ---sorry i do not know first hand. 2nd call a glass shop (for autos) they will be able to tell you and sometimes they will make a better installed deal. i called on a few windshields and they had an over stock and beat the deal i had setup and they installed it for free....mike
Mike. I will definately have a glass shop install the windows, so yeah maybe I should call em and see. When I took it in for a windsheild chip the guy told me I don't even wanna know what he'd charge for the laminated tinted glass. The windows I've found are from a parts rig. The guy wants a case of beer for them so I doubt I'll beat that price...even at a junkyard. I'm really interested in finding out how much those windows DO cost. If I were to replace those windows, I'd probably go with the clear glass windows so that I could have aftermarket tint applied. I like the factory tinted glass with the exception that it isn't dark enough for my tastes from the factory, and I want to be able to control exactly how dark the glass is....
Interesting you say that. My 'burbs current windows are very dark. Was there more than one tint available? My rig is a fully loaded Silverado so it's possible this tint was an option (must have been a sweet truck when brand new). What I like is that the factory tint windows are laminated while the clear are tempered. Seems like a little extra protection for the rear passangers.
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