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91 700 R4 help

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i have a 91 chev 2wd reg cab short box truck with a 350 v8 and a 700 r4 auto tranny, now i have had major repairs done to it except for the tranny.....and i am still haveing problems. when i put it in any forward gear and hit the gas it will start reving then just drop off and if i stay on it it will keep on stuttering like that but yet in reverse or park or neutral it will rev just fine, on my last round with it trying to figure it out i tried goin down hill and when i pinned it it kept on stuttering even down hill but it obviously rev higher cause i was heading down hill then trying to go back up it just wouldnt go unless i turned around and went reverse, it was even stalling out...can anyone help me? does it need new tranny? or is it as simple as that stupid throttle valve i have been hearing about more and more..????anyone lol help i have been want to drive my truck for months and months but it is broken:(
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The TV (throttle valve) cable must be adjusted correctly for the transmission to shift correctly. However, this will not cause the motor to lug and stutter. The Torque converter will just spin faster and the motor will act as if nothing was attached to it. The TV adjustment procedure is pretty easy, but it seems like it requires some finesse I think. Pull the TV cable out of the throttle body arm and push the adjuster in so that it's flush. Then put it back into the frame, attach the cable and pull the throttle open all the way by hand. This should adjust it to where it needs to be.
This may sound crazy, but check your fuel pressure. I had a weak fuel pump and at idle it would rev fine, but once you put it in gear and put it under load it would fall on it's face.. sometimes even stall out. Check your fuel pressure.
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