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91 chevy 1500 wont idle

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Hi to all, Im about ready to sell this thing, I have replaced the fuel pump, fp relay, rebuilt the throddle body new plugs, cap and rotor, Ignition module. Now it starts right up and idles for about 10 seconds and dies, starts right up again then dies after 10 seconds, if I pump the throddle it will run like a champ, but will not idle more than 10 seconds or so.
It seems the more I try to fix the more things are going bad, throws no codes, Im going to check the fuel pressure next. The aggravating thing is it was running excellent until I thought the fuel pump was going out and changed it, and it hasent run good since, I guess if its not broke dont f&*k with it lol.
1991 silverado 305/auto/tbi 128k, thanks.
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check the vacume lines on the back of the TBI, but you should be thowing a code of some kind.

when you rebuilt the TBI was the pressure regulator diaphram damaged?

can you tell of you are getting fuel while at idle?
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