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'91 GMC Air conditioning problems.

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My air has always worked well but the compressor always made what i call a groaning noise when it operated and I could hear this inside the truck. I have owned this truck since it was a year old. Once in a while the AC would flash on the heater control and I would disconnect the battery and reset and it would work again. Now the AC doesn't work at all and the AC flashes every time I start it up. Is this more than a recharge problem? it worthwhile to try to fix?...thx
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If the A/C is blinking, that is a signal that the pressure is not right.
So adding in more Freeon should correct that problem, once enough is in there, it can get its pressure right.

I have had some loud noises from the compressor on the point I thought it would blow up and shoot through the hood of my truck....
I went and added in some more Oil last night, and I think I have corrected the issue....
I need to take it out for a drive and test it, but I hope I have corrected the problem.
How do you add oil to the AC system?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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