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well this one scared me alittle. i had issues where the O2 did not want to come out very nice. Well in my quest to find the off idle miss the scanor said i had a lazy O2 once again here is the NAPA part number 12014

there are a few different tricks in getting the O2 out. i hit the sensor base for a week with PB Blaster (this smells when the car warms up but the stuff works)
there is a special socket for removing and installing the O2. i did not have time or money to find one so on some O2s i cut the wire and use a box end wrench. my wrenchfit over the connector without issue so i just unplugged the connector and put the box end over the hex and it came right out. the new O2 had anti size on the threads if yours does not get some it will help with the next service.

i then threaded by hand the new O2 snugged it in place. i then unplugged the battery for 5 min to clear the computer.the new O2 connector fit just like the last O2
after you restart the car it needs "Learn" so it will run rough and may act wierd but after a day or 2 it will correct itself. my beast is running alot better, but i still got a faint miss.....mike
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