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93 Suburban Coolant disappearing.

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I have a 1993 C1500 Chevy Suburban. I have noticed that the coolant in the reservoir has been disappearing slowly over the last couple of days. I looked around for leaks and it doesn't drip a drop. Mileage is 170000+. Overall she runs like a dream except for the occasional "chugging" when I am on the freeway.

It almost feels as though the engine is hesitating a bit. It only seems to happen at 60-65 MPH however. I am thinking it is related to the coolant disappearing.

I am not the most mechanically inclined individual, however I can usually figure stuff out pretty quickly. If someone could possibly offer some suggestions so as to point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.


UPDATE: I found a leak coming from the front of the engine. There is a large hose going from the lower left-hand side of the radiator to the engine block. I looks as though the hose may have begun to work itself loose. If this is the case, could that also be the cause of the hesitation I noticed. It started hesitating a whole bunch, but only after it had warmed up a bit. Thanks!
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Welcome maddoghoek777, What motor is in it?
Sounds like it could be burning it. Exhaust usually is fluffy white and thicker than normal with a sweeter smell. Plugs will foul (Whitish build up on plug). Oil might have traces too (usually foamy and discoloured) Check the easy and obvious first. So pull a plug have a peek. Check intake gasket (for puddles up top) Head gasket is going to be a little more advanced. Let us know. Some of the other guys here are real smart cookies. Good luck.
Pressure test

Your mechanic should be able to pressure test the cooling system. I do it myself with a pressure tester I bought from NAPA. I bought a more expensive model, but you can get one from them for as low as $40. It will help identify most leaks. I was losing coolant and found a leak in the rear heater's hose and at the barb off the intake manifold. See it at NAPA
Item#: BK 7003026

Price: $37.69
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I think the engine is the 350 5.9L, I know it is not the larger 454 (wish it was though.)

As far as the exhaust goes, there is no smoke or anything of that nature, but I will certainly pull a plug and have a look. I know this is a very novice question... but where do I find the intake gasket? Do you mean to take the air filter out and have a look in the "housing" for puddles?

If it is in fact burning the coolant, is that an relatively "easy" fix? Or is it more along the lines of a head gasket replacement?

Thanks so much for the replies!

I will pick one of those up and give it a shot.


If you don't detect any visible leaks, you may have a leak in the intake or head gaskets. You can check for head gasket leaks with a combustion leak detector that goes for under $30. See the Lisle tool at: Tool Warehouse
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Lower seals?

I had a 99 Burb and at 113000 I had to replace the lower seals. I had the same symptoms you are having. Just a thought.....
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