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94 suburban radio install [Expired Topic]

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I have a 94 burb that I just bought to pull my boat, and the factory radio has to go, but I have no clue on how to install a radio. The setup and weird the radio is a like a medium size box, and is above the ac unit, and to the far right where a glove box would be to the bottom is the cassette and eq. Has anyone ever installed a aftermarket radio in one of these and if so how? Any pic would be helpful. Thanks
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You can usually find an aftermarket unit kit at most major stereo shops that are designed for the do-it-yourselfer. What type of unit are you looking to put in?
The factory system is set up the way you mention to save space.

When I got my 94 someone had already changed it over to an aftermarket radio and it sucks. it's put in where your equalizer is.

Try crutchfeild they have a website with any info you could ever want as far as what will fit and where.
I looked at their website, it looks pretty good. - this is the main link to the site. - this was for a 1994 Suburban that I entered, but I'm not sure it you can get right to here or not.
Doesn't look like it, you can setup your vehicle year/make/model in like 30 seconds though.
I have thought about ditching my factory stereo as well. I have found that they make a "pocket" that takes the place of your original radio on the dash, and an aftermarket dash plate to accomodate a stereo in the center of the dash where the cassette player lives now.

Only reason I haven't done it yet is because I never listen to the radio in the first place.
Sirius works for me

My 93 came with an Alpine that looks like it was professionally installed. Sounds good, but out here in the boonies there aren't many stations that don't play music from south of the border. I picked up a Sirius radio from RS with a car mount and boombox option. Works great! Music I like anywhere I want. I have used Crutchfield before, and they have great stuff and super customer support.
RE: Sirius works for me

Sounds good, but out here in the boonies there aren't many stations that don't play music from south of the border.
South of what border? :)
RE: Sirius works for me

on my old 94, i bought a kit from walmart, it replaces your center vent assembly and places the radio far enough up front so that a radio would clear. but my advice is to get a radio with a remote control on it. as you would have to lean forward to change stations.
i have the remote velcowed (sp) and i either put it on my armrest pocket were the radio used to be.

now on my new 94. i was going to replace the radio, but for now i'm just using an mp3 player adaptor that sends signal to your fm, so stock radio can pick it up. it plugs into the lighter socket,a dn uses a usb stick for music memory. witha 1G usb, it could hold alot of music.
but since my kid have been buging me for a tv, maybe i will replace it witha an in dash monitor and a monitor that hangs from the celing.
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