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94 suburban wiring diagrams

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hey all i am looking for wiring diagrams for my 1994 b2 WD suburban if someone has copies or where to find them id appreciate it.
i have the Haynes manual but its not complete.
factory ones would be awesome
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Is your manual not complete because of lost pages or it just doesn’t have the wiring diagram you need?

I don’t have the factory manual myself but do have the Haynes one.

On option may be your local library, they have all the manuals, if no one here can help you.

Just what wiring diagram are you looking for?
sorry about that
it doesn't have the wiring diagram i am looking for

specifically i am looking for the under hood wiring diagram with the O2 sensor

my O2 isn't hooked up and the wiring seems to be missing
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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