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95' Blazer goofy engine

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My wife drive's a 95' Blazer, and as is typical, doesn't let me know something is wrong, untill it is REALLYwrong! Any way, she is telling me that while her foot is depressing the gas peddal the truck runs fine, but as soon as she lets off of it, as if comming to a stop light, it sputters and dies. I am currently working in a different state and can not get home to check it out my self. I was thinking some possible causes could be : air filter, plugs, wires, cap and rotor, fuel filter. Can anyone think of any other causes?
To make maters worse, she is supposed to bring me my new Hydro-Boost unit and Master Cylinder as mine blew out going up and down these steep hills in Pa. Lost my brakes this morning comming down about a 65 deg. 2 mile long hill. Talk about a pucker factor of about 10! I am not having much luck with my Chevy's this week.
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Sounds to me like a good ole vacuum leak. I would check for loose or corroded vacuum lines and if I didn't find anything there, I would get a can of starting fluid (I know not the safest thing) and spray it at any vacuum connections while someone inside it kept it running, if the engine revs up at a particular spot there's your leak, replace and repair as necessary. Good Luck!
I'm thinking the EGR Valve is not closing or is pluged????
thanks for your in-put

thanks for your in-put guys, I am going to try replacing the EGR valve this afternoon and take a look around for leaking vacuum lines if that doesn't fix the problem. Thanks again.
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